Day 14, the city of Angels


Arriving at LA in the morning (an hour or so late, if I recall correctly), it was a wonderful experience to alight at the station and realize that coast-to-coast is now a tick in my bucket list!

We had a day to kill here, so we checked into our hotel (near the airport) and headed off the USS Iowa where the US battleship has now been converted into a Museum. You can see all of the history and inner workings of the battleship. This should come as no surprise but the battleship is a township on its own and seeing the arrangements for catering, and laundry, and a jailhouse, and a flag room, among everything else intended to destroy enemy installments through some serious firepower is enlightening.

After grabbing a quick meal at the battleship cafe, with seating on the deck, overlooking the LA port, we headed off to the Santa Monica beach, where we killed off the final few hours of our trip together. Lukasz was going to spend two more days in LA, while I was going to make the eastward journey home. 

We had a final few rounds of drinks at the Santa Monica pier and then headed out to Joe’s Pizza for a few slices. I know it is two nights of pizzas but the two experiences were very different and both left us very satiated.

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Food Tip: Joe’s Pizzas at Santa Monica



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