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Bitcoin / Paul Krugman

Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman recently wrote about Bitcoin recently and got a lot of pushback. His thoughts from a 1998 piece talking about Internet is brought up as a way of discrediting Paul Krugman. That approach is childish on its own and prevents a mature discussion on topics of today, specifically Bitcoin. However, shooting the messenger, not the message is a very common response these days, so it is hardly surprising.  Coming back to the article Krugman wrote, he asks many questions and offers only one projection - that we can't conclusively claim that something isn't a bubble just because it hasn't popped. The quote that is perhaps being blown out of proportion is "Why are people willing to pay large sums for assets that don’t seem to do anything? The answer, obviously, is that the prices of these assets keep going up, so that early investors made a lot of money, and their success keeps drawing in new investors."  There is nothing even remotely controversia

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