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10x in 10 years, 20x in 20 years etc

In investment circles, people often talk about targeting investments that does 10x in 10 years, or 15x in 15 years, or 20x in 20 years. Those multiples look absolutely amazing at first sight, but what do they mean in terms of annual rate of return? If you can do 4x in 4 years, you are getting a return of 41.39%. If you do 10x in 10 years, you are getting a return of 25.88%. If you can pull off 30x in 30 years, you are still getting a very respectable 12% return on a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) basis.  Year Returns CAGR 4 4x 41.39% 5 5x 37.95% 10 10x 25.88% 15 15x 19.77% 20 20x 16.15% 30 30x 12.00% 50 50x 8.13% 100 100x 4.71% Here is how the graph looks like For those interested in seeing the formula, here is the raw data & computation .

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