वर लील गान लोला (Vara Leela Gana Lola Lyrics in Sanskrit/Devanagari)

[Transliterated from http://sahityam.net/wiki/Vara_leela_gana_lola]

Since the song is in Telugu, which like Tamil, has hard consonants, the transliteration into Sanskrit or Devanagari, which doesn't have hard consonants, is not perfect. So  लील has to be read as "Leela" instead of "Leel" to make sense of this transliteration. Please watch the video below to get yourself accustomed to the intonation.

वर लील गान लोला सुर पाल
सुगुण जाल भरित नील गल ह्र्दालय
श्रुति मूल सुकरुणा लवाल पाल यासु माम्

Lord of great sports! Enjoyer of music! O Protector of celestials!
One brimming with various virtues! One abiding in the blue throated (Siva's) heart!
O root of the Vedas! Most Merciful! Protect me quickly.

सुर वन्दिताप्त बृन्दा
वर मन्दर धर सुन्दर कर कुन्द
रद इन्दुमुख सनन्दन
नूत नन्द नन्देनेन्दिरा वरा

One worshipped by celestials! One having numerous friends!
One who bore Mt. Mandara1! One with beautiful hands
And jasmine-teeth! O Moon-faced! One praised by Sanandana2!
O Son of Nanda! O Consort of Lakshmi!

मुनि चिन्तनीय स्वान्ता
नरकान्तक निगमान्त  चरण कान्त
कुसल वान्त रहित दान्त
कुज वसन्त संततान्तक स्तुता

One meditated in the sages' hearts!
Slayer of Narakasura! One found in Vedanta!
Most handsome! Munificent to Kusa-Lava's hearts!
One who, to the ascetics, is like spring to the trees!
One ever-worshipped by Yama!

वर भूष वम्स भूष
नत पोष मृदु भाष रिपु भीषण
नर वेषण  नग पोषण
वर शेष भूष तोषिता नघा

One wearing splendid ornaments! O adornment of the dynasty! O Nourisher of supplicators! 
One soft of speech! Terror of enemies! 
Lord who assumed a mortal form! Nourisher of snakes3!
Lord adored by Siva! O Sinless One!

सुखवीस ह्र्ननि वेषा 
जगदीश कुभव पास रहित श्रीश 
सुर गणेश हित जलेष सयन 
केसवा समीस दुर्लभा 

One who resides in the great poet's (Valmiki's) heart! O Lord of the Universe! 
One bereft of evil worldly bindings! O Consort of Lakshmi! 
O benefactor of Indra! O Lord reclining in the Ocean! 
Kesava, difficult to attain by the uncalm!

रणधीर सर्व सारा 
सुकुमार बुध विहारा 
धनुज नीर धर समीरण 
करुणा रस परिपूर्ण 
जार जोर पाहि माम्  

Dauntless in battle! O essence of everything!
Tender one! Lord who abides in the hearts of the wise!
O wind which drives away the asura-clouds!
One brimming with the juice of Mercy!
O paramour (of Gopis)! O thief (of butter)! Protect me.

नर रक्ष नीर जाक्षा 
वर रक्षक मद शिक्षक 
सुर यक्ष सनक रुक्ष
पति नुताक्ष हरण पक्ष 
दक्ष शिक्षक प्रिया 

O Protector of humans! O Lotus Eyed! 
One who punished demons for their arrogance! 
Lord praised by celestials, yakshas, Sage Sanaka and Jambavan!
One favourable to Anjaneya (slayer of Aksha)! 
One dear to Siva (who punished Daksha)! 

रघु राज त्यागराज 
नुत राज दिवस राज 
नयन भो जगद वनाज 
जनक राज सुत विराज 
राजराज पूजिता 

O King of Raghu dynasty! One praised by this Thyagaraja! 
Moon-Sun eyed! 
O Protector of the Universe! Unborn! O Lord worshipped by 
Sita, Garuda and Emperors!

वर लील गान लोला सुर पाल 
सुगुण जाल भरित नील गल ह्र्दालय 
श्रुति मूल सुकरुणा लवाल पाल यासु माम् 

I have made some minor alterations in the transliteration to match the rendition in this video, so the two are mostly consistent. Any omissions or commissions in the transliteration or the adjustments are purely to be assigned to me. And here is a perfect rendition of the song:

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