Day 15, back home

 I woke up early in the morning to catch my early morning flight to Chicago from where I connected onwards to London Heathrow.

What a wonderful trip this has been! I got to enjoy so much nature, so many terrains, so many different museums, and so many different meals. The experience was memorable to say the least and likely to remain with me so long as my senses are intact.

I want to thank my cousins Sathya, Vaishnavi and Sunny, who graciously hosted me and Lukasz on a short notice, and spent their valuable time with us. Spending time with them and exchanging notes on US culture and terrain and various other aspects of this trip was truly enlightening - a part I will cherish forever. 

Of course, thoughts on this trip won’t be complete without thanking Lukasz for being such a wonderful company. After agreeing to do this with him, I was slightly concerned that I may not get along that well with him, given we had never traveled together before, but I was worrying needlessly. Lukasz was one of the most adaptive fellow travelers I have been with. His comments and jokes and insights were all incredibly valuable and made this trip that much more enjoyable. 

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Food Tip: Goat’s Cheese and Spinach Burrito at Burrito Beach, ORD


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