Day 6, Dayton, OH, splendid Air Force Museum

 Given that we were in Columbus and both my cousin Sunny and I are both big aviation buffs, it was natural that we headed to Dayton OH to catch the US Air force Museum. I have been to quite a few air force museums in my life, but this one is remarkable. 

Not only do you get to learn about the Wright Brothers, who were natives of Dayton OH and many parts of their work on planes were conducted close by, you get to see unique exhibits like displays from the US space program, ICBM missiles, and even old Air Force Ones!

The entire experience is absolutely fantastic, but I am going to talk about a few highlights here:

Seeing the Bockscar, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, causing destruction of millions, but also setting us all along on the path of a newly nuclear armed world.

The B2 bomber, both for its design, its impressive wingspan as well as reading about its wonderful achievements.

The SR-71 recon aircraft, recorded to be the fastest (1:54 minutes from NY to London), the highest (85000 ft) and longest distance (15000 miles) plane. It is one impressive aircraft! The amount of engineering that would have gone into making this one work, and the piloting mastery needed to pull off those extremities of aviation are mind boggling. 

The Air force Ones are absolutely great view - specially as you get to see the inside of an atual Air Force One and not a replica.

After visiting the Museum which took many hours of our day, we headed back to Columbus, but not before visiting the Indian Run falls, which is along the way. The fact that these impressive falls just happen to be next door to Columbus makes me very jealous of Columbus residents - the nature around the area is wonderful!

Food tip: Get yourself a Kothu Paratha at Prem’s at Dayton OH

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