Day 7, driving through farmland Midwest


Next stop: Windy City, Chicago. Our original plan was to drive from Columbus early and enjoy half a day in Chicago. However, some poor weather at Chicago made us reconsider, and we started a bit late from Columbus and drove along leisurely to only reach Chicago late in the evening. 

Before starting off the drive, we stopped by the Columbus riverside as well as the Short North area of downtown Columbus for an early lunch at North Market, which is a food hall full of diverse food stalls. I got myself some momos from Momo Ghar, and a slice of pizza from Sarefino’s Pizza, while Lukasz and Sunny got themselves some ramen from the Satori Ramen bar. All the food was delicious. 

After this we drove northward towards Chicago from Columbus. We stopped by yet another little falls in Columbus for a quick look (my envy for Columbusians continues to grow), and then proceeded along I-70 towards Indianapolis.

Driving through Indiana is extremely boring - mostly it is acre after acre of flat farmland, which can get boring after a while. 

We stopped by Indianapolis for a quick look at the downtown, basically just seeing the Indiana Statehouse and the Soldiers and Sailors monument. 

3 more hours of boring farmland later, we arrived at Chicago. The vibe of Chicago is clearly one of a big city, and like NY, there are some great parts to the city. For this evening, we chose to go to the TimeOut Market to enjoy some Polish food - Perogies and Zapiekanka. The place serving this is called Polombia, supposedly to be Colombian-Polish fusion, but the food was definitely leaning towards Polish food, as Lukasz, our traveling companion Pole, told us. This food court area is quite great to catch a drink or meal.

After this, we checked into Congress Plaza Hotel, and then headed out for more drinks - the weather was terrible and nothing outdoors was worth pursuing.

Congress Plaza Hotel, while located nicely, will make you time travel straight back into the 1960s, because the hotel’s maintenance is still stuck right there. It is an undeniably dated hotel. If it weren’t for the fact that we were just there for the night, we would have been a lot more disappointed. In either case, my recommendation would be to give the place a miss. 

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Food tip: get your food orders before 7 and use that to get discounted drinks at the TimeOut bar! Polombia is a recommended location for a good round or two of Polish delicacies.



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