Day 5, Columbus, OH, a vibrant town

 My cousin Sunny, who lives in Columbus OH drove to Pittsburgh to pick us up. As a first stop we went to Pittsburgh Hindu Temple, a pretty popular location for Hindus in the region to visit and a pretty impressive Venkatachalapathy temple. After seeking the blessings of MahaVishnu, we started our drive towards Columbus.

Along the way, we stopped by at Hocking Hills falls, where we used up our “stretching the legs” time to go out and enjoy a short hike in the area and were treated to some wonderful views of the Hocking Hills, just as rain had made the entire area misty, leaving an absolutely wonderful view of the area. 

After a short stop at the hikes, we then hit Downtown Columbus to check out a couple of bars, and then got some food before calling it a night.

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Food tip: Check out the ice creams at Jeni’s Gooey Butter Cake and Strawberry Pretzel Pie Print flavors.



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