Day 10, Amtrak, Amtrak and some more Amtrak

 Much of our day was spent on the 3 Southwest Chief riding it from Kansas City to Albuquerque, an almost 18 hours journey. We upgraded ourselves to a Roomette, paying a bit extra for the pleasure of being able to sleep at night. This proved to be a good decision - not only does the roomette allow sleep well, it comes with meals included in the dining car, unlimited coffee and beverages along the way, as well as a shower room, with bathroom amenities provided. You can very well take a shower on the train as it chugs along the farmlands, deserts and the Rocky mountains.

The seating area in the Roomette (that is when the configuration is switched from sleeping to sitting) isn’t the most comfortable, but you can overcome it by spending some time in the observation deck, which is the this amazingly spacious coach with seats facing the two sides and part of the roof converted being visible making it truly worthy of the “observation deck” title. 

By afternoon, we arrived at Albuquerque, New Mexico, from where we hired a car to drive across the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona. We decided to rest out the evening before starting our drive the next morning.

To kill some time, we went to the Sandia Crest area from where we could get some spectacular views of Albuquerque and surrounding hills. 

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Food Tip: try out the Pepe Caldo at Farina’s Pizza in Downtown Albuquerque



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