US Coast to Coast: Prologue

 After being stuck in a country for 2 years it was finally time to use a few pages on the passport and head out. I had 2 weeks to take a vacation, my family had

  1. committed to their plans and
  2. hinted enough that they would much rather like me not bother them in their attempts at an extremely sedentary vacation. 

As much as I prefer a sedentary lifestyle at home, I am a bit of a hungry dog when it comes to vacations. I want to do something.. anything.. when I am out traveling

Incidentally, 13 years of visiting the United States and all I had seen was California. In fact, I hadn’t visited the States as much as a single State. It was about time to fix that and fix that in a grand manner. I also had a bucket list item - to attempt traveling US coast to coast, without using airplanes. I can use trains, roads, rivers, or even teleportation, but just no planes. I have done this kind of journey a couple of times in the past. Once I did Singapore to Laos (via Penang, Butterworth, Bangkok and finally Vientiane) and then a few years later, I did this in Europe traveling from Prague to Interlaken. 


Doing this in the US from Coast to Coast is a harder task. Firstly the size - coast to coast is 2500-2700 miles, depending on the route you take. Secondly, while the road infrastructure is awesome, train infrastructure isn’t. (More on that later). But, the challenge is what makes it interesting. One of my colleagues, Lukasz, agreed to join me on the venture. I had the will, the time, the means and the company. What more does one want!

So I booked my tickets and my Lateral Flow test and got about to achieve this challenge. In the next few posts, I will be detailing my journey, along with some photographs and some, hopefully interesting, commentary.

In the following few posts, I have posted my memoirs from the trip. Read on..


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