Day 3, Amtrak westwards

After spending the day in New York, our next stop was going to be Pittsburgh and the journey was by Amtrak train. On this train, I met Lukasz, my travel partner for the trip. We coordinated connecting on this train as we were getting on at different stops. 

We are both very tall people, with Lukasz at 6’ and me at 6’4”. We were anxious if Amtrak seats would accommodate our vertically challenging figures, but we didn’t need to worry. We were comfortable and the space was good enough for a convenient journey.

The journey from New York/New Jersey to Pittsburgh on Amtrak is a rather pleasant one, with views to hills and rivers along the way. The train first heads south to touch Philadelphia and then changes directions, quite literally as we were first seated with the train going backward and after Philly it was the other way around, and heads north through Harrisburg on to Pittsburgh. Much of the terrain is a pleasant view with some very idyllic views. 

The train for the most part travels at a fast clip. Apart from the convenient sitting space, the train has reasonably good, working and spacious toilets, trash facilities and a dining car which is good enough to get a beverage or a drink. Lukasz tells me that the chicken wrap he had for lunch was passable, while I carried some tasty leftovers from my cousin’s place that I had on the train.

When we reached Pittsburgh, 1 hour late, which apparently is quite normal, we found a rather deserted city. Finding dinner at 9 PM in downtown Pittsburgh is quite a challenge, as establishments in US cities close quite early, which is a bit of a shock for us as European establishments run much later than that in most cities.

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Food tip: Check out the Tacos at Condado Tacos for a late night meal.



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