Quick updates - Change of Jobs, Mukul Deva's books, Frasier etc

I have somehow managed to stay away for so long from blogging despite having many thoughts that I wanted to put into words. In an attempt to break away from the rut, I will put together a few quick updates from my side.

As most of you might know by now, I have left Yahoo after almost 3 years with them and moved to Vocanic. It was quite a good experience working with some very talented people there while also being a part of a large family that gave support in more ways than one. It was probably the toughest departure of my life, but I believed, with strong conviction, that the time had come for such a move. I will have more to say about my experience there, but for now, I will close this by saying that I am very excited to be at Vocanic and looking forward to flexing my brains towards a different set of challenges there.

I have been reading a bit recently, but the most remarkable reads of the recent past has been the books "Lashkar" & "Salim must die" by Mukul Deva. Both are remarkably well written books. Well researched, racy and written with focus both on action and philosophy, the two books are precisely the kind of books I'd like to read from Indian authors in the future, not the kind of new age crap that is getting served out sometimes.

On the movies/TV front, I have managed to watch many seasons of Frasier, all picked from library@esplanade. I have always liked the show, but watching them back to back has left me liking the series even more and I believe that the 8.5 stars it is holding on to at imdb is totally justified.

In other news, I am somewhat disappointed that our cricket team had a rather dismal performance in a tournament so close, both in time as well as conditions aspects, to WC'11. Before any big tournament, the general hope is that their countrymen will lift the trophy and the Indian team have been arguably in the rough range where a few good performances could have led to a positive result and hence justifying the hope. This time, I am not sure if I should be hopeful at all. At this rate, any decent result (like reaching the SF) would be a very great achievement and winning seems too far away. But things could change. For the positive. Let us hope for the same.

I guess the consolation is that we do not seem to be as steeped in controversy as our brothers from across the border seem to be.

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