[Summary Post]: HK holiday, iPad and Parents in Singapore

Many apologies for not posting for such a long time. It has been a rather interesting period since my last post, but I have just not come around to writing about any of it. In the past 5 weeks since I wrote about my mexican food experience, a lot happened, but I am going to do a quick summary (and probably come back to address a particular experience in detail later on):

  • I took my wifey out for a 4 day holiday to Hong Kong. Hong Kong was superb. The location, climate, geography, look and feel, transportation and the overall outlook makes it a great urban destination. Having come to Singapore earlier as tourists, and with the general perception as HK and Singapore being similar cities, owing to their past as British colonies and both being successful city-states, the comparison between the two became an obsession for us on the trip, and the conclusion we arrived at was the HK was a far better destination.
  • The iPad got launched and as with the general sentiment, I am confused on its prospects - useful device for moms and dads or an useless device lacking in basic features.
  • My parents made the trip across the Indian Ocean and into Singapore for a week long visit to the island during the Chinese New Year time (which also happened to be our first ever CNY celebrations) and they had a nice time in Singapore. I hope they finally understand why I decided to make the move from Bangalore to Singapore. 
More as I find time (and topic) to write.

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