JUG Singapore

Two days back, I spent my evening with the Java Users Group (JUG) Singapore. It is apparently yet another effort towards building a vibrant Java community in Singapore. Sven, the organizer has been in Singapore for 8 years and has seen the history of the Java guys coming together and breaking apart more than once. This attempt, we are hoping, will be longer lasting. We were 6 people discussing quite a bit, and not just Java. I am going to list down some of the discussion threads (and omitting details/conclusions. If you are interested, come to the next meetup :D):

  • Tech Culture in Singapore
  • Tech best practices (Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration)
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Singapore
  • Startup ecosystem in Singapore
  • Cloud Computing growth, both Singapore specific and otherwise
  • And some personal anecdotes
We are currently hosted on meetup's JUG page. The next meetup is on September 7. Care to join?

ps: Even if you don't write code in Java, you can join in to discuss good ideas.

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