Inaugural Geekcamp Singapore

Close on the heels of JUG Singapore, I attended the Geekcamp Singapore on Saturday. Since I work for Yahoo and our company was hosting the event, I was also a volunteer. The geekcamp was quite a success. I did attend the talks till about 2.30 PM after which a sleep-deprivation-induced headache prevented me from continuing any further. The most interesting thing I learnt was that actual event here was better than the event in KL, which was the inspiration for Jason Ong and others to start off conceiving the event.

The talks on CouchDB by Arun Thampi and the talk on Design in programming by Justin Lee were my favorites. Having heard good things about Patrick from his colleague Trent Payne at the JUG meetup, I rather felt sorry for having missed his talk. But I am sure there will be a next time.

The details of the event can be found at the Geekcamp page. If you did not attend this one, try stopping by for the next one.

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