Stray Story of the Dogs

Back in Bangalore, stray dogs were a most common sight. They were everywhere - streets, parks, lakes, bus stops - absolutely everywhere. This is not unexpected, considering that Bangalore is one of the cities with highest number of dogbites anywhere in the world. While most times they were a harmless sight, but once in a while they turned dangerous - they killed couple of kids sometime back. Closer to my life, my father was paranoid about being attacked by the canine sorts and hence anytime post 9PM if he had to return home, he would call from the bus stop to ask me to come pick him up. Efforts from the Municipal authorities never seemed to heed any results (given that they killed only 200 when easily that many can be found in any one of the thousands of localities in Bangalore, it isn't surprising)

And after I moved to Singapore, stray dogs are nowhere to be found. I started to almost miss the sight of an ungainly looking dog begging for attention from you with their most soulful eyes. I am guessing that the ASD and the SPCA do a wonderful job of keeping the strays off the streets.

And then today arrived. I managed to sight one dog, rather a bitch, right in my apartment block. I present, ladies and gentlemen, Bitch Stray Simei to you:

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