Equations of the Match tonight

Now that RCB has a very good chance of getting into the semi finals, with the King XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals losing last night, its worth to look at the mathematics of the whole thing. At the moment, RCB, KXIP and Deccan are all tied at 14 points. If RCB wins it, it is more or less certain that RCB and Deccan go through since Deccan has a significantly higher Net Run Rate than KXIP. But if RCB loses the match, then the NRR equations come into play. RCB is ahead of KXIP at the moment, but lets see what it would take for RCB to get through:

Deccan Chargers Bat first
Deccan ScoresRCB need to score
180 113
150 83
120 53
100 32
RCB Bat first
RCB ScoresOvers in which Deccan gets it
180 8.4 or less
150 11.1 or less
120 11.2 or less
100 10.5 or less
50 10.4 or less

Conclusion: I think it is going to be very hard to keep out RCB from the semi finals here on. Go Kumble Go!!

I am not saying RCB will lose the match, but as they say "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."

ps: All the equations were solved by taking wolfram alpha out for a ride.


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