Another milestone crossed

I crossed another milestone in my life. Every year, I try to think of such days as landmarks and assess what happened in the previous year. So here are my thoughts over the past 12 months:

  • Visited quite a few places - the Bay Area, Singapore, Genting, Malaysia, Pondicherry, my home-town village in Tirunelveli Distt, Copenhagen.
  • Changed my name.
  • Made one major move from Bangalore to Singapore.
  • Did not lose as much money in the recession as I thought I would. My stock market investments were just sold last week for a 10% profit. Not bad, eh?
  • Survived two rounds of layoffs at Yahoo!
  • Started using a MAC.
  • Met at least one schoolmate, one college mate, one IITK mate - so still kept in touch with my old friends.
  • Depps brainwashed me into joining the green brigade - became conscious of the seriousness of the matter. Hoping to see more material developments in the next 12 months.
  • Understood how royally screwed I am with my non-market investments and started working on it (and realized that its going to be a multi year effort to fix it :-)
  • Tried selling a house and failed in doing so.
  • Started tweeting on a regular basis.
I miss Santosh who gave me an amazing surprise this day last year along with Akhilesh when I was alone in San Jose, but on the plus side, my wife is with me this year.

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