Emergency Exit?

I am a regular at the emergency exits when I am flying, primarily because I am a very tall person. To do justice to the emergency exit privilege I try to enable myself to actually act in an emergency situation. I check the procedure for the emergency operations (opening the door and throwing it out), check out each aircraft's specific procedures, check my own life jacket and so on. I have also watched as many Aircrash Investigation episodes as possible just to figure out any common errors, for instance to not inflate your life jacket while still in the aircraft.

So, coming back to my rant of the day, I was extremely disappointed and exasperated when I was put up on a emergency exit seat on my flight to Delhi on 223rd of Jan, which looks something like this:

My problem is that there is no way in hell that that door can act as an emergency exit. How are people expected to rush out of that arrangement of seats? I am going to be informing the DGCA about this and hoping that they take this up with the operator.


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