Recommendation: Shekhar Nethralaya

When my mom was diagnosed with Cataract sometime back, I was fairly concerned about where to get the surgery done. She had been consulting with JP Nagar, Bangalore based Shekhar Nethralaya, but it didn't give out the perception of being a great hospital. First of all, there was no fanfare, no advertisements, the size was small and I hadn't heard of the main doctor - Dr. Rajshekhar, forget the other doctors.

So, after the initial consulting, where my Mom swore that she found the hospital friendly, when it came to the real surgery, I started asking around for options. I considered and rejected Shankar Nethralaya, Chennai (too far, too many logistics involved), Nethradhama (one super bad review from somebody quite close) and Narayana Nethralaya (just the unknown devil factor), I wasn't still sure whether to continue with Shekhar Nethralaya.

I sent out a mail on my Yahoo mailing list and when my group mate Rakesh told me his experience of going there for Cataract operation for both his parents successfully, I decided to go ahead with them. So, today morning, Dr. Rajshekar successfully removed the cataract in my mom's right eye and she is already back home. The experience was friendly with all staff being nice and friendly. All the payment stuff was taken care of by my insurance provider and the paperwork was eased by the hospital staff. All in all, good experience.


Unknown said…
Hi Shreeni,

My mother is going to undergo cataract surgery and I hit on your blog. Was choosing between Nethradhama and Thirumalai eye clinic and saw your opinion on Shekhar nethralaya. Could you share the negative info about Nethradhama?

Shreeni said…
These were inputs I got from my Manager, who is a very reliable source, since he keeps away all his prejudices. He said his experience with parents at Netradhama wasn't very good. I am sorry I have no additional information.
Chandra said…
Hi Shreeni,

My mother is going to undergo cataract surgery. I was basicaly thinking about Shekhar Hospital.

I saw this blog and would like you to share your view about the cashless treatment facility. My health insurer is TTK, but I am not sure if cataract is covered in the insurance policy as I heard that TTK offers treatment only in case of hospitalisation and Cataract is one area where patients are not hospitalised.

Can you please share your view ?

Best Regards,
Shreeni said…

If I recall correctly, my company's insurance provider was also TTK and they covered Cataract treatment and they did it through cashless cover. So I believe you should be good go. Call TTK's hotline and confirm once, though.

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