The PC Ads

I got exposed to the Linux about 10 years back. My college-mate Adi was a Linux-lover, (and wasn't a Windows hater), and he exposed the entire class to Linux, whose latest flavor used to RHL 6. Though I personally liked it for being open source and free, I always had a problem with having to get under the hood to get it working properly.

Well, its been a decade and things have changed a long way. Ever since ubuntu has come along, all installation issues have pretty much gone out of the window. And since it is virus proof for most part, I can give it off to my father and he could keep clicking on whatever he wants and I don't need to worry about a crashing OS. In fact, I handed over a Linux desktop to my almost-computer-illiterate father and he has been using it 5-6 hours daily and hasn't brought it down. He uses the Internet to find any application he wants and hence he needs nothing except the browser (and probably a media player for playing music/videos which are not streamed).

Taking the cue, I have moved to a Windows-less life myself. I switched my laptop to Mac sometime back and am most happy. I also have a desktop at work which is a RHEL machine, which I use only through terminal consoles. I am happy with the arrangement and don't miss Windows.

Having said all this, (and I have not even got to where I wanted to), I have always admired Microsoft for producing an easy-to-use OS and hence allowing a lot of computer-illiterate people to get onto the computer revolution. However, a lot of companies were stereotyping Windows and its users and were getting away with it. The "I am a Mac" ads are a classic example.

And I always hoped Microsoft fought back. And they have. Here are the videos of the latest bunch of "I am a PC" ads. I am loving them. Have a look:

ps: Thanks to TechCrunch for exposing me to these ads. I don't think they are running on Indian TV.

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