I am a Macman...

For those who have been visiting the 5th floor at Yahoo's EGL Bangalore campus and wondering why so many people seem similing and extra happy, there is an excellent reason. A lot of us in this floor have been issued new MacBook Pro's in exchange of our HP laptops. Not that I am going to mention any grudges against either HP or Microsoft (though I have many) I have to sy that Mac rocks!! And rocks big time.

I have to thank Subru or Deepak (or whoever it was who added me to the list of people who should get Macs) for this. While I was happily coding away on my old HP 6320 while I was in the Bay Area, the list of prospective Mac owners was being constructed back home. It was a pleasant surprise, then, to know that I was added to the list and would be issued one. I happily traded my HP one for this brand new sparkling new Mac.

I am yet to get used to quite a bit on this machine, but I have enough control to publish this first blog from my Mac.

And all this elation is forcing me to hum a parody of the old Scatman song, "I am a Macman"

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