My friend and ex-colleague Suvamoy Sarkar is a regaulr at adding videos to his Orkut profile. This week, he added two fabulous videos worth watching. The first one is for Tennis fans and its about Boris Becker smashing 5 consecutive aces after being 0-40 down. Mind you, unless you are down at 0-40, the opportunity of hitting 5 aces doesn't even arise. But here was Becker, smashing them all. Worth a watch.

The second one is a far more serious video of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor explaining her personal experience of sufferring through a Brain Stroke. She is a brilliant orator, and through she gets emotional in between, please see it till the end to hear what she takes away from that experience. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.


Anonymous said…
more links for that topic?
And Bye.
Shreeni said…
Which topic? Stroke or Tennis?

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