Musings on Ads

I promised in an earlier post that I would blog about my experiences in the Bay Area. Its been very good on me so far. Great infrastructure, so many automated things, the fantastic business atmosphere in the Bay Area, the scenic beauty of the drives all add up to a very pleasant experience.

But on one count, I have been rather disappointed, and that has been the TV commercials. I am used to very energetic, colorful advertisements in India, which put music, dance and peotic sense to good use to entice you to buy a product. Thats true for almost all ads in India. In the US, however, it gets selective. Only a bunch of ads are colorful. A lot of them are very dry. Take a look at this video:

And the phenomenon of anybody suing anybody for any reason has led to a lot of the US advertisers to load up every possible warning about their products into the ads itself. Take a look at this ad for Humira:

It almost frightens you to death about Humira...


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