I am Married (again)!!

I got married today. Okay, its fair to ask what I was doing on a morning 3 years back when I invited all my friends and family and spent time in a smoky environment chanting shlokas and acting really busy while all around were celebrating. I told you I was getting married and I thought I got married that morning. But then it seems that Gormint doesn't accept that. (Yes Yes, Gormint is the same lame guys who take a fat cash out of your salary every month in exchange for sour dreams of building roads and schools and parks and the like)

Anyhow, back to my marriage story. I was informed a couple hours after that smoky morning that I need to get a marriage certificate for the Gormint to recognize that I am married. So, upon enquiry and more enquiry and a little more enquiry, I found the sub-regsitrars office close to my marriage location and went there to get the certificate. It worked out that our dear friend from the Gormint was absent that day and hence the Gormint can't issue the certificate. What now?

I decided to take the plunge into marital bliss without the gormint's approval and went off for my honeymoon. And after my shifting from Poona to Bengalooru with my wife also moving from Dilli to Bengalooru, we decided to pursue our quest for the certificate. It turned out that I need a proof of residence of at least one of us in Bengalooru to get the Gormint's approval of our marriage. And we poor souls who did not even have a residence, had no chance at generating a proof.

And me and wifey decided to get the certificate the moment we had our proof. In the meanwhile as we heard of horror stories of the RSS and BajrangDal guys smashing restaurants on Valentine's and other love-celebraying days on the basis of moral hazards, we started to worry. What if one of the those guys caught us holding hands in public without the Gormint's approval?

Afraid of the consequences, me and wifey stopped holding hands in public (while doing you know what in the bedrooms) still waiting for our proof of residence and the following Gormint's approval. And slowly we started to worry about what would happen if we had a child. Would the Gormint announce it as B*****d since we were not married according to them?

Then all of sudden got our proof of residence and we decided to pursue the Gormint's approval. And finally, today, after visiting the damn office a bunch of times, giving numerous documents, photographs, invite letters and a big wad of cash as commissions, we finally got the Gormint's approval of our marriage. We are free to hold our hands and we are no more worried about conceivings B*****ds. And if you are planning to stop by my work desk to congratulate, you can enjoy some delicious Ghujiyas in celebration of my getting married (again!)


Anonymous said…
IT IS fine.But thank god the Govt has not
called the "agni Bagwan"as witness.
They could have demanded the add proof etc
alongwith "chai pani.
Any how do not go spree in distributing
sweets ( i am afraid of Bangalore sweets)

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