From Budget to Ebony to Healthy me

I always try my best to blog about events in my life that I feel fit sharing. The fact is that so many have happened in the past 7-10 days and I being the lazy boy, haven't just kept the blog up to date with all this. So i am going to do it right away with what might turn out to be a lllooooooooooonnnnnnnggggggg blog. :-)

Firstly, I love the damn budget. Cheers to Chidambaram. I know that a lot of you despise the loan-waiver because its going to be useless for all practical purposes of eliminating rural distress. But I think the IT cuts through increased slabs make a lot of sense. I have always advocated taxing at exit (when you spend) than at entry (when you earn) to try and make the damn black-money-rich to pay taxes. Though this budget itself didn't increases taxes at exit, but previous budgets have done some work in this regard with an effective 12.5% service tax and the VAT. Well, so all in all, I am happy.

Secondly, my wife was paid some bonus in feb salary and she decided to take me out for dinner at Ebony which is at 13th floor of Barton center MG Road. Its a great place to visit. The food was good, the service better and the ambience excellent. The pricing is good for such good ambience. We enjoyed the place. I also enjoyed some Sula Chenin which went in great with the ambience and climate. Was fantastic. The only downside is that there is no exclusive parking for the restaurant, though they are willing to reimburse the parking charges you pay at Barton's parking itself. Of course, if you are coming from south Bangalore using Hosur Road, there is no reasonable way to reach Barton Center except going through Residency cross, which is a huge bottleneck. Me and wifey decided to use the Museum road entrance and walked down to Barton center.

Thirdly, I had the good opportunity to listen to two talks by Dr. Preston McAfee on pricing, one in the Big Thinker series attended by members of the public also, and the second reserved for Yahoo employees. Needless to say Dr. McAfee is a really great expert in that field and his talks were very invigorating, while being laced with a good sense of humour. All in all, another great experience.

The last being a visit to Wockhardt hospital this saturday for the annual medical checkup. Though I was diagnosed for MVP 3 years back and had a positive report on its improvement last year, I had recently stopped medication and was hoping to get all the tests to go good. I am on the borderline of high BP and cholestrol, but am still within limits. So basically I am fit and the MVP doesn't affect me anymore.

Now, if you happen to see me, you can guess why I am happy and healthy these days. :-)


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