Thoughts on IPL

Its great that IPL is going to be soon a reality. And while the debate will rage on whether this is good for Cricket or not and whether it is the right idea to commercialize the game or not, there is one key good thing that I am expecting out of this.

If you take the recent past of Cricket, it has been sprinkled with cases where certain attributes of the game has been monopolized by certain regions. Spin has been mostly dominated by guys from the sub continent, aggresive non-nonsense winning cricket has been produced only by the Aussies, West Indies have shown us how they can consistently lose inspite of having ample of talent, and both Pakistan and India are showing us how you can be inconsistent in every aspect of the game.

With IPL forming teams from across the world sprinkled into these 8 teams, it will allow these attributes also to get spread around. While the Aussies are so arrogant about their behaviour and so natural in their sledging, it should be interesting to see how it pans out when Ponting is fielding with Andrew Symonds batting. Will he continue sledging? or is it reserved for guys outside of his nationality?

I am hoping that the winning ways of the Aussies when spread around produces 8 aggresive teams. On the other hand, I hope that Aussies realize how hopelessly futile is sledging if they get a taste of their own medicine and eventually decide not to sledge in the better interest of having a nice game. That is what I am really expecting from IPL.


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