New look LinkedIn

I love LinkedIn and I have blogged about my unending affair with LinkedIn more than once. There was a brief period today morning, when I almost lost my damn cool with LinkedIn, but its back to normal now and though it best to put my views now.

I realized yesterday afternoon that there is no corporate group for Yahoo on LinkedIn. I decide to start one and announce it on our internal mailing list. Within a few minutes requests for addition started coming in. Now, I didn't want to allow anybody and everybody and wanted only genuine Yahoos in. And checking if they are genuine at the rate at which I was getting requests was not possible.

So, I spent half hour cooking up a script in Java/HtmlUnit that could automatically pick up the pending members and check their validity on our internal corporate directory and approve them and report back if it could not match some guys. It worked for most part and I was happy and went to sleep.

Today morning, the damn thing stopped working and you won't believe how fumed I was. The damn HtmlPage object was throing exceptions about not finding JS objects. It just took a few hours of not looking at it.

Now, the script works. Why is that you may ask? The fact is, LinkedIn has released a new look interface and I am guessing that some of the sections of the page were returned by the old colos which some others were returned from colos. Happens once in a while when you are upgrading versions on the Internet.

The new interface is in fact quite good and extremely pleased. And my script works. I am yet to set it up on cron, but I will do that sometime soon. May God Bless LinkedIn.


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