Good News Bad News

There has been a lot of activity within Yahoo after the recent earnings announcement and the subsequent internal meetings relating to the layoffs and the like. There was the Worldwide All-Hands by Jerry and Sue and there was a India All-hands by Sharad and Venkat. It was good to listen to these functionaries. There was some straight talk and some positive talk. I liked the positive talk. I came to Yahoo (chosing over Microsoft) because I felt that the company had the potential and intent to do something interesting. So, thinking positive about Yahoo is a natural reaction for me.

I read a lot of blogs and they all trash Yahoo from time to time. I read them and take them with a pinch of slt. Their tone, often I feel, is a result of sentiment rather than facts. And sentiments take time to change and every small positive step Yahoo takes is one step closer to the goal of that positive results. Along the way, the sentiment will also change and momentum will shift for the good.

Recently (last week or so), I read the following positive notes about Yahoo:

But, today news about Yahoo doing well in Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is the icing on the cake for me. :-)


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