Tidbits on Outsourcing

Well, unlike the previous US presidential elections, outsourcing to countries like India does not seem like a hot topic for the upcoming US presidential elections. However, outsourcing still happens, but sometimes, a lot different from popuplar perceptions.

If you thought India was the only country out their stealing American jobs, let me tell you about Trilogy. Trilogy, where I worked earlier, is a privately held company and all its shareholders are Americans. In 2000, they decided to move a lot of their Software Development (SD) to Bangalore by building up their own Development center in India. Nothing new, one would say. Most companies like Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft and Google do or did the same.

However, in 2005, they decided that it was best to use India for innovation and they believed that SD has become routine job, which should be outsourced further. The result is that mundane tasks are outsourced to partner organizations in Ukraine, where apparently you can get PhDs at half the cost of a Bangalore Engineer, and other not-so-mundane SD work has been moved to Trilogy's China office. So, has the predator become the prey?

This story is best exemplified in the movie Outsourced, a very hilarious take on outsourcing. Asif Basra, Ayesha Dharker and Josh Hamilton have done a wonderful job. There is a bit of exaggeration here and there, but all in all, its a really well done. I laughed my stomach out.

While on the topic, Wallstrip did a nice take on Wipro, one of the outsourcing giants from India.


Anonymous said…
How did you manage to work in Trilogy?
After looking at the source code of few their large "enterprise" projects I've almost died :)
In Ukraine we now have a lot of funny tales about Trilogy and Indian developers, also we collect brilliant snippets of their code :)
Shreeni said…
Anonymous: I am not really sure which projects you are talking about. My project started off as a TU project and evolved reasonably well during my stay, considering that it was done by rank freshers straight out of college.

Anyhow, my team's one experience with outsourcing to Ukraine was quite poor and I am not really sure what to really make out of your comments, given my previous experience.

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