Startups Galore

I am back from my trip to Delhi/IITK. It was an eventful trip, but nothing as striking as to come in touch with 3 people all planning startups. Aditya Chadha, my good old classmate from Delhi University days had already touched base with me 3-4 weeks earlier about getting some info about a Mobile-payments based startup out of India. I have allowed him good use of my networks and promised him whatever logistics support I can give him.

Similarly, when I landed in Delhi, I met a junior who is working on an idea in the Health care industry. When I further travelled to IITK the next day, I called up one of my professors who was immediate in inviting me over for dinner. Over dinner, he told me about one of his students having incorporated a company and asking me about whereas options of funding it and the process involved in building up a team. While we were still at it, another of his students, Mohit Mundhra walked in (and I knew him from my days at the campus) and he informed me that he has started off a company (Aurora Systems) in Bangalore and is waiting for his thesis to get started on work.

Thats exposure to 4 people planning startups in a gap of month. Its rather striking how so many people want to throw in a promising but predictable career to have a go at a startup. Mind you, these are not guys who want to work for a startup, but want to start something off on their own.

I myself started off in a start-up and worked for one more startup before moving to Yahoo recently. I think it is very courageous but the right thing for these guys to do. They have an idea and the passion to go after it and nothing but to take that step.

My best wishes to all the 4 parties involved and I hope I can contribute in whatever way I can, within the restrictions of being in Yahoo.

Update: Michael Arrington at TechCrunch wrote a really good piece - "The Twice Shy Entrepruener" about old guard versus new guard startups and their techprueners. Read it.

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