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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Knol and the like...

For techies like me, it was another week where Google has launched yet another initiative. The list of fields they enter into, or intend to enter into, is getting longer. Android for Telephones, Green initiatives on Google.org, Bidding for telecom spectrum, GOOG-411, Open Social and the latest - Knol. Knol is their initiative to build up an encyclopedia based on community inputs and is expected to compete with Wikipedia. This project has got me thinking.

The code word Knol was given because it is supposed to be a "Unit of Knowledge". Since it is, I actually started thinking about how one could measure the value of a certain piece of knowledge into knols? For instance, how many knols would Theory of Relativity be? and how much would be Newtons Laws? or in Computer Science - how many knols would be Quicksort? What about Bubble sort which is not practically used? Would that mean its knol would decrease?

I am looking for answers, and if anybody got any answers, do leave a comment....

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