Traffic for this blog

I had installed StatCounter on this blog sometime back. The prime reason was that I wanted to feel good about the high traffic that I was hopefully receiving. Turns out, I don't have bad traffic coming in. Thanks to you all for that. Whats interesting is that StatCounter allows you to check out where the traffic came from. Here is a quick summary:
  • 25% came directly. I do put the link in my email signature. Didn't know it makes that much impact. :-)
  • 21% from Web Searches on:
    • Arijasoft, my senior Kapil's startup
    • Jindal Aluminium, on whose job ad, I had put up a humurous post
    • IITK MTech CSE Thesis, I did present a thesis at IITK-CSE
    • Ugenie Bangalore, I worked there!
    • Ritesh Gulabani, a very close friend of mine
    • Malaika Nach Baliye, on which I did a post sometime back
    • Shreeniwas Iyer, which is my name
  • 12% from my LinkedIn private or public profiles.
  • 10% from my Orkut page.
BTW, I did make $2.15 from Google Adsense on this blog. I guess none of you guys find any interesting ads to click on... But anyway, thanks for all the traffic. Keep reading the blog and putting in comments.

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