Moving On..... to Y!

Its been ages since I blogged. I have been busy with a key transition - changing my employer. I moved on from Ugenie to Yahoo! last week. Ugenie continues to be a fantastic place to work and I deeply enjoyed my 15 month stay there. I did some good work and was appreciated/recognized for the same. I also made some great friendships out of my stay there. But there were reasons for me to move on. To discuss more, lets meet up over a cup of hot adrak-wali-chai.

Why did I chose Yahoo? Firstly - I only considered large organizations, publicly listed and having good work to do in the Internet space. Mindshare among developers and presence of smart people were almost mandatory. Along with that, opportunity to continue in Bangalore, extend my experience in Java, and good money would have been a bonus. As it happens, Yahoo and me were the only combination that worked out to my preferences.

So here I am. I have joined the PacMan team in LMC group at Yahoo's EGL office in Bangalore. If you are a Yahoo, look me up at backyard by the name of "Shreeniwas Iyer" and stop by for a chat.


Abhi said…
Congratulations for joining Yahoo and finally finding some time to blog ;-)

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