Canon A550

I announced in one of the lunches while at Ugenie about my new acquisition in Electronics - Canon PowerShot A550. My dear friend Ajit started quizzing me all about how I could make sure it was the best camera and all. I tried a bit but couldn't do it convincingly. To be frank there is only a certain level of caution and research you can do before buying stuff - eventually you got to do it. And more so, the PowerShot brand is well established, the camera's specs looked good and it was well priced (At 9600 for camera + 1GB + pouch).

What I decided after that discussion was to take it out for a stress test. So, on a recent trip to Tirupathi, I took random clicks out of the moving car of scenery around. What came out is some good scenery photos. Any of you photography experts can comment, but that seems good to me.

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