Campus trip to IITK/Delhi

Yahoo is going to be visiting IIT Kanpur campus for interviews next week. I am also one of the members on the entourage. I will also be spending time over the weekend and Monday at New Delhi. Let me know if you wanna catch up over a cup of tea either when I am in Delhi or at Kanpur. I should be available on 9342447762. :-)

I am very very excited to be going back to IITK campus after a long gap of 3.5 years. I miss so many things at IITK - the hostel, the canteen, the bulla-katna, the walks in the campus, the beautiful department building CSE had, the peacocks..... Hopefully I get enjoy some of it.

I am of course glad to be touching the capital en route. I will probably meet up with my Dad (who supposes himself as a "freelance journalist" and shuttles between Delhi and Bangalore), catch up with old college mates (discuss up some devious idea to "change" the world), meet up my inlaws, travel in metro, eat up good paranthas, soak up the winter and the list is unending.... I dunno what all am I gonna manage in three days...


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