Tale of Mistake Identities

I all for "Self Expression", the overarching theme of most social networks, but sometimes its too much. I am fine if me or my friends want to express themselves through their preferred books, music, TV, even their profile photos (sometimes ridiculous snaps!!). But when people prefer to change their names for self expression, it becomes unbearable.

On my orkut profile, I see people with names like "Neo", "K A", "Pechchan Kaun", "G K .....", "Pyramid, Back to Beijing", "Guns n Roses", "Arijasoft is recruiting", "Princess", "Ç †–† ë ê ¦‹ ù™ ............................ ", "dadada ishtyleee BABA", "M J", "A Shredded Soul (But Then, Who Cares?)", "Rising from the ashes". Not just that, I find it impossible to recognize these people when they write a scrap. Many times, I dig around their profile page or their scrapbook to figure out who the f**k is this fella who is asking me what I did last weekend...

I guess they all want to express themselves as obscure unrecognizable, but eminently friendly acquaintances.

ps: Its moments like these that I thank the orderly fashion in which Facebook works where they don't allow you to change names without an approval from their end which purportedly checks for pornographic or derogatory names, but hopefully also checks for obscurity also. :-)


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