CIO and wicked bosses

I am sure all of us have a little crib about our bosses to share with colleagues and friends. Ajay Ohri, who happens to be the "Chief Imagination Officer" at IWannaCrib has posted two amazing QA threads on LinkedIn - About bad bosses and stupid organization policy.

Though I have worked across a few companies, I am yet to come across one who can get into Ohri's thread. But I did have one tiff with a really really stupid organization policy. In the interest of good relations with the person involved, I will keep it as anonymous as possible, but if you figure it out, thats fine too..

I used to work at a place where we moved into a new location and the boss there decided, in the interest of cost savings, not to buy bottled water for the employees and instead instructed to have the empty mineral water 20L bottles to be filled with normal tap water. Eventually, everybody figured out that the water was bad (it used to stink and be yellow in color) and complained. He decided to prove that the water was clean by bringing in a Path Lab to test the water and mailed everybody the report from them claiming it was clean.

Well, the water obviously was not clean and everybody got sick of it and eventually started to bring in water from their homes. To restore employee confidence, he actually decided that the Path Lab tests should be conducted every week and the report mailed to everybody. I still do not believe that I did not mention "bad water" as the reason for my leaving. :-)

ps: My friend Jyothi pointed me that Seth had written something hilarious about toxic bosses.

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