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Friday, August 03, 2007

Addicted to LinkedIn

More than a year back, when I was working with Chikki at Trilogy, I asked him why I should be registering on LinkedIn when I already have an account at Orkut, where I have already added my friends. "Orkut is for fun, LinkedIn is for career" - pat came the reply. Maybe he was right then.

Fast forward to Circa 2007, I never spend any time on Orkut and I can't live a day without spending time on LinkedIn. And the reason is, LinkedIn is actually fun. I love a bunch of features - Questions and Answers (for a bit of knowledge and lots of fun, though I have to admit that the funny threads are hard to come by, but Ajay's posts are a start); "Who has viewed my profile" and "People who you may know";

I also like that I can create a neat little public profile and spread it using badges like the one I have on this blog. There is also some rumors that LinkedIn might open up a platform similar to Facebook. Considering the huge number of Job postings by LinkedIn on LinkedIn, I guess that the API is not too far away :-)

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