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Friday, August 03, 2007

Ad for bad boss

Talking about bad bosses, I would have almost missed noticing a mail pointing me to this amazingly hilarious advertisement for CEO of Jindal Aluminium. Quoting from there, job responsibility:

"continously monitoring all departments and taking stem action on employees for shirking duty inefficiency lapses non performance etc"

and from the Ideal-Candidate-Section:

"must be able to handle senior people executives intellectuals etc. whose habit is to make excuses followed by arguments instead of admitting and improving thus wasting time and energy. Person who is not tough and able to take strict action (like & live wire) need not apply.
No softness or looseness and not giving attitude or supporting employees ignoring the interest of the company. "

Now, thats what I call is a truly interesting and challenging assignment. :-) Thanks to Anil Bijlani and V N Bhattarcharya through whom I received a mail with pointing to this ad.

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