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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Promoting Nikolai Gogol

In "The Namesake", Jhumpa Lahiri created the character Gogol Ganguli. If you have not read the book, let me tell you that Gogol Ganguli is named after the famous Russian author - Nikolai Gogol, amidst a set of dramatic events. I have not yet completed "The Namesake" and hence would not like to comment about it as yet, but I was extremely tempted to read Nikolai Gogol, after seeing the passion with which the characters in the Jhumpa Lahiri novel portray Nikolai Gogol. And so, on my latest trip to Blossom, I picked up "The Overcoat and short stories" by Nikolai Gogol. Way to promote an author and it works too. :-)

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