Insurance blues..

I was recently dealing with a bank on home loans and I found that they have a policy of making it compulsory for home loans customers to get insured as much as the property value. If you have insurance, great, if not, buy new and as always, they have a collaboration with a Insurance company, just in case you need them. I think its neat. Normally, such partnerships end up being forced upon you, but these guys seemed least interested in forcing it upon me.

Anyway, I got down to buying some basic insurance. Why, its a pain to do so. The insurance agents apparently seem least interested in selling basic cover, but more interested in selling ULIPs to you. I checked out some information from my favorite finance site - and bookmarked a bunch of those. Check the insurance links. Feel free to use them is you plan to buy insurance anytime.

At the moment, I am still underinformed to blog about my experience on this front, so will update when I will close out a deal.

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