The rise of the losers

My wife happens to be an avid fan of Sourav Ganguly and has been fretting over the way he was taken out of the team. She has just been hoping that there would be a miracle and he comes back and even takes over the captaincy and probably wins the World Cup for us.

I am myself an ardent fan of the Tiger from Bengal and have been following his amazing performances over the last decade. But I am also pragmatic, in the sense that my hopes kept dwindling with each bad performance he gave in Pakistan and finally, I thought that the reason to keep him out seems justified.

With Indian team's every success in the last few months, my wife's hatred of Dravid and his men was increasing, as it was keeping out Ganguly. She was of the stern belief that if India does not perform, he will come back and I assured that "if" the current scheme of things continue, he is never going to come back, even if India does not perform well. She said, thats a big "if" you are putting there. Lets see.

These days, India is losing and losing it big. They don't seem like competition to South Africa, and South Africa is just about a mediocre team in the current world order. Australia is the pinnacle for everybody to defeat. But suddenly, in all these defeats, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman are getting their chances. VVSL has been flown in to SA. And Sourav is on the cards to make a comeback, again. I am guessing, maybe wrongly, that this will be his LAST chance. Thats a different discussion altogether.

But in all this, I clearly see this as one of the occassions when the losers are suddenly being hailed as heroes by my wife. It will after all get the much loved Dada back into the team. :-)


mahesh said…
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Do you think Dada will get a chance in the playing XI.

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