A Prayer for Anant Gupta

I spent a short time - about 10 weeks or so - at Adobe India's Noida office in 2003 as a summer intern while studying at IITK. I had the good fortune to have acquiantance with Dr. Naresh Gupta, the pragmatic co-founder of Adobe India and the present CEO. He was always full of energy within the office and used to spend time with the engineers in the evening playing Volleyball and Tennis within the Adobe office. From what I have heard, he was instrumental in getting high quality work for Adobe India and has since built a very good engineering center out of the Noida office, while simultaneously expanding the operations and assimilating the India part of Adobe's take over of Macromedia.

His background before Adobe is also excellent. He happens to be co-alumni of IITK with a President's Gold Medal to his name and then he completed his PhD, conducted high quality research with many patents to his name before joining Adobe.

With such admiration for him, it was extremely disturbing to read in the morning newspapers of his son - Anant's kidnapping from his house in morning hours of Monday. My heart-felt feelings are with him and his family in this hour of adversity. I have offered a chanting of Hanuman Chalisa for the speedy rescue of Anant. Lets all offer our best wishes and prayers for his rescue.


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