Malaika in Nach Baliye

I have somehow ended up watching Nach Baliye for the last few episodes. Its probably because my wife happens to love it and it coincides with the time we switch on the TV. It also happens to be that time of the day when you are in no mood to get into an argument, so I almost always end up watching Nach Baliye.

I have been seeing the way Malaika, Kunal and Saroj Khan have been judging the performers and for most part I thought they were pretty good at judging. However, I was doubtful if they would ever be able to pay heed to the same issues they were raising against the performers.

Saroj Khan could pretty much be excused from this discussion, her choreography over the years have led to some of the best dances in bollywood discussion. So, I was wondering about Malaika and Kunla. I have seen Malaika in a bunch of filmi songs, but I thought - you have a huge margin of error in those performance and it hardly reflects your ability to do something on stage.

So, Malaika's performance last week in the wild card round, wehere she performed with Shabbir to the tunes of Omkara's songs was amazing. It was a brilliant performance with a lot of energy, perfect coordination with the co stars. I don't there was any short comings I could point out. Of course, its a different matter that I am no expert on the subject.

I am trying to find out if that video is on Youtube and I will link you guys with that.


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