CSE : IITK gets a new look

I don't know when the transition happenned, but CSE:IITK has a brand new website, and so does IITK. Some time back I used to be a student at CSE:IITK. The CSE:IITK page has a bunch of new links like the Research Papers link where my publication in 2004 (along with Prof Mukerjee and Pradeep) is listed. They have also neatly listed latest news stuff including ever lengthening list of Neeraj and Nitin's achievement. My congratulations to them. They are nice pals and were very good company during my stint at IITK.

However, the research reports section, which used to active till some time back seems to be down with a nice error message. I would love to have it back - then I can show off my MTech Thesis also... :-)

Dr. Mukerjee also seems to have updated his page after a long time. And for some very weird reason, he does not include me or my work on his page. That is quite unfair, let me write to him..

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