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About a few months back, I quit Trilogy - reasons being roughly the same as for everybody else who has been leaving Trilogy over the past few months. I then moved to uGenie. Its a startup in the online retail space founded by very experienced professionals from this domain. uGenie is a continuation (from yourbillbuddy) for me in some sense - it is also bringing to lilfe the concept of market effeciencies and I am proud to be part of this team. We recently launched a private alpha and you can find us at www.ugenie.com

If you want an invite to check out the site - mail me at shreeniwasiyer at gmail dot com. If you are interested in working with us (we are actively looking for engineers), check out www.ugenie.com/careersplain.jsp.

If you want to sit down and discuss the concept of market effeciencies and why I love it, write to me. Would love to sit down over a cup of hot tea and discuss it... :-)


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