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How do I make sense of my financial health?

I have been investing for a long time. I have also been living in multiple countries since I started investing. The result is that I have a large collection of bank accounts and brokerages and investments of all stripes. I try to consolidate them as much as I can, but I am still left with too many things that can’t necessarily be consolidated much further.  Here is where all my investments are split across: PPF accounts for me and my daughter back in India from before we moved out of India Joint brokerage account for general investing 3 Vanguard ISA accounts for me, my wife and my daughter 2 more ISA stocks and shares brokerage account for me and my wife 1 Vanguard SIPP Account (for my wife) 1 other SIPP Account (for myself) 1 Singapore-SRS account (for myself) 1 corporate brokerage account for Singapore trading  1 corporate brokerage account for everything-but-singapore trading  (The last 2 are under a corporate account my wife and I set up while we were still in Singapore) As you

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