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UK's Silicon Valley aspirations and the witch hunt of middle-income professionals

We are now past the autumn budget , which ended up being another cornucopia of tax increases, stealth or otherwise, but a lot of that was along the expected lines anyway. But there was some interesting reading. If you go through the transcript of Mr. Hunt's speech , you will find that he mentions the Silicon Valley aspirationally at least twice in his speech: I want to combine our technology and science brilliance with our formidable financial services to turn Britain into the world’s next Silicon Valley. Three priorities for growth, then. Energy security, investment in infrastructure and a plan to turn the United Kingdom into the world’s next Silicon Valley. This means he wants to foster a culture of "growth" (also mentioned 28 times in his speech). This would entail creating an environment of higher investment and higher entrepreneurism. The government wants companies, new or existing, to feel optimistic enough about the prospects of this country that they are willing

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