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Movements in the Crypto World

(Note: I am going to use bitcoin as a poster child of crypto in this post. I am aware that crypto is far more than just bitcoin, and it is very likely that the larger crypto world and bitcoin may likely diverge in their paths in the future, but at the time of writing, using bitcoin to speak about crypto seems reasonable.) There is a crypto correction/collapse/drawdown in action at the moment. About a year back, I wrote about my thoughts on crypto  and for better or worse, I never ended up taking a position in crypto and hence suffered neither profit nor loss in what has happened to those markets over the past 24 months. However, it has been exceptionally hard to ignore the crypto market and to stay out of it while everyone and their pets were investing in them. In general, assets are bought because they are expected to give you something back in return. The mathematical model that works to explain this is the Discounted Cash Flow Model (DCF) . For anyone with high school maths competen

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