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Monday, September 22, 2008

The PC Ads

I got exposed to the Linux about 10 years back. My college-mate Adi was a Linux-lover, (and wasn't a Windows hater), and he exposed the entire class to Linux, whose latest flavor used to RHL 6. Though I personally liked it for being open source and free, I always had a problem with having to get under the hood to get it working properly.

Well, its been a decade and things have changed a long way. Ever since ubuntu has come along, all installation issues have pretty much gone out of the window. And since it is virus proof for most part, I can give it off to my father and he could keep clicking on whatever he wants and I don't need to worry about a crashing OS. In fact, I handed over a Linux desktop to my almost-computer-illiterate father and he has been using it 5-6 hours daily and hasn't brought it down. He uses the Internet to find any application he wants and hence he needs nothing except the browser (and probably a media player for playing music/videos which are not streamed).

Taking the cue, I have moved to a Windows-less life myself. I switched my laptop to Mac sometime back and am most happy. I also have a desktop at work which is a RHEL machine, which I use only through terminal consoles. I am happy with the arrangement and don't miss Windows.

Having said all this, (and I have not even got to where I wanted to), I have always admired Microsoft for producing an easy-to-use OS and hence allowing a lot of computer-illiterate people to get onto the computer revolution. However, a lot of companies were stereotyping Windows and its users and were getting away with it. The "I am a Mac" ads are a classic example.

And I always hoped Microsoft fought back. And they have. Here are the videos of the latest bunch of "I am a PC" ads. I am loving them. Have a look:

ps: Thanks to TechCrunch for exposing me to these ads. I don't think they are running on Indian TV.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Education Killing Creativity... everywhere.

For long, we have all been suspecting this, but somehow haven't been convinced of - that our education system kills creativity. We have all seen the T-Shirts bearing "I was born genius, education ruined me".

Having said, I somehow always believed that this was localized to India's education system and lead to believe that systems elsewhere were of a different paradigm promoting creativity. Turns out that I was probably wrong.

Sir Ken Robinson talks about how education systems across the world have the same bearings and same trait of killing creativity. The following video, apart from the message is hugely entertaining and is humurous all along, still getting the message across in an extremely strong manner. Its an absolute must-watch:

If you liked this video and would like to read more about him, visit his profile page at TED.

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