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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Freaky population control

In some of my recent debates and discussions, I have been opining that desperate measures are required to address some of the desperate problems our country faces today. My consideration is that most of India's resources (energy, water, climate, roads, etc) have reached the brink of being able to support the population and hence desperate Govt supported measures are required to counter it. Being in Bangalore for 3 years probably underscores my desperation with lack of resources. It seems the most resource hit city in recent times.

One of the opinions is that similar to China, India should also enforce a one-child policy and hopefully solve some of the next-generation problems. For most part, I have grown in confidence defending this policy. However, some recent freakonomics suggests otherwise. Seems like the policy might have been key in increasing crime rate in China. Fabulous read.

Airport Blues....

Me and wifey are planning a vacation after a long long time. Its not as if we are too busy to plan a vacation, but basically both are us have been out of step with each other. When she could get off from her company, I couldn't and vice versa. Also, we are generally tight on cash, so many a time, a thought of a vacation is shot down because of tight pockets. Also, our vacation plans get complicated because she wants to meet her family every time she can take an off, I am less interested. Not that I don't enjoy it with her family, I have been much of an explorer and hence going to the same place everytime is not so exciting.

Anyhow, me and wifey are finally planning a vacation, assembled a new and novel destination, got the sign offs from our respective managers and hoping to head out. The vacation has flights, train journeys, buses, metro trains and even a boat (if we manage to pull it off), but the most terrifying part for me seems to be getting to Bangalore International Airport.

I have used it once while returning from a recent trip to the Bay Area and I didn't find it too inconvenient, but then the company sent a car to pick me up, on a Thursday night, and the excitement of meeting family after 8 weeks might have biased my view to commuting from the airport.

This time, we are going to be heading out on a Friday evening, after office and possibly having 5 days of heavy work behind us and my guess is that it could be a different ball game. The connectivity is quite poor with us being thrown at the mercy of some cabs. The unfortunate part is that when I last tried to book a Meru cab service for the next morning for a cousin of mine, they declined saying all their cabs are booked.

So, we are left completely at the mercy of finding anything and everything to reach the God forsaken place.

Interestingly, I have been to a lot of airports including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Port Blair, Madurai, Pune, Hamburg, SFO, Singapore and so on and my worst three airport commute experiences have been Mumbai, Bangalore, Bangalore. God saves us.

Will be posting next with some photos once my vacation gets underway.

Friday, July 04, 2008

I am a Macman...

For those who have been visiting the 5th floor at Yahoo's EGL Bangalore campus and wondering why so many people seem similing and extra happy, there is an excellent reason. A lot of us in this floor have been issued new MacBook Pro's in exchange of our HP laptops. Not that I am going to mention any grudges against either HP or Microsoft (though I have many) I have to sy that Mac rocks!! And rocks big time.

I have to thank Subru or Deepak (or whoever it was who added me to the list of people who should get Macs) for this. While I was happily coding away on my old HP 6320 while I was in the Bay Area, the list of prospective Mac owners was being constructed back home. It was a pleasant surprise, then, to know that I was added to the list and would be issued one. I happily traded my HP one for this brand new sparkling new Mac.

I am yet to get used to quite a bit on this machine, but I have enough control to publish this first blog from my Mac.

And all this elation is forcing me to hum a parody of the old Scatman song, "I am a Macman"

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